Top Five Most Anticipated PSP Games of the Spring

Despite selling 50 million units, the PSP is probably the most inconsistent video game system on the market today. After a strong game lineup for the first half, it tapered off in 2008. Sony hopes that 2009 will offer more quality titles consistently throughout the year. The spring lineup for the PSP is looking especially solid. Here are the top five most anticipated PSP games of the spring.
5. Samurai Shodown Anthology

Publisher: SNK Playmore, Developer: SNK Playmore, Original Release Date: March 31, ESRB Rating: T

Samurai Shodown is one of the best fighting series you never heard off. The weapon-based battles were unlike other more melee-based fighters at that time. Coming this spring, Samurai Shodown Anthology contains all six Samurai Shodown titles spanning across 12 years. In addition to over 48 playable characters, this classic collection should be one of the best fighting games on the PSP.

4. Class of Heroes

Publisher: Atlus, Developer: Zero Div, Original Release Date: April 7, ESRB Rating: T

This spring PSP title is a good old-fashion dungeon crawler. Class of Heroes brings back the niche genre with deep and engaging gameplay from the first-person perspective. The game is expected to have over 80 hours of gameplay. Not to mention that Class of Heroes is highly replayable due to the hundreds of customizable options for your characters. You won’t find another PSP game in the spring with better value than this.

3. Hammerin’ Hero

Publisher: Atlus, Developer: Irem, Original Release Date: April 7, ESRB Rating: E 10+

While beat-em-up video games may not be as popular as they used to be, they are still fun to play today. Hammerin’ Hero is the latest title in the niche genre. Gamers can expect an intense gameplay experience with wacky stages and several power-ups. With the addition of two-player gameplay to boot, Hammerin’ Hero will be the cult hit of the spring for the PSP.

2. Phantasy Star Portable

Publisher: Sega, Developer: Sonic Team/Alpha System, Original Release Date: March 3, ESRB Rating: T

After the success of the Monster Hunter Freedom series, Sega decided to bring the Phantasy Star Universe experience to the PSP. Phantasy Star Portable features four-player cooperative gameplay where gamers can discover rare items and fight tough bosses together. Despite the lack of online play, this spring PSP title still provides plenty of fun for local play with three of your friends.

1. Resistance: Retribution

Publisher: Sony Cmputer Entertainment, Developer: Sony Bend, Original Release Date: March 17, ESRB Rating: MA

Sony rarely developed video games on the PSP. So when one comes along, it is always noteworthy. Resistance: Retribution is the latest title in the solid shooting franchise. In spite of switching from first-person to the third-person perspective, the gameplay remains as great as ever. Furthermore, the game also holds up well visually against the Playstation 3 games. With veteran PSP developer Sony Bend (Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror and Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow) at the helm, Resistance: Retribution is in good hands. Therefore, it is the most anticipated PSP game of the spring.